Monday, May 22, 2006

Overwhelmed with requests

To keep the blog going and to name the person who is forcing the shut-down so people will not cast their vote for her in the election. Can't do that. However, if the person will respond to this blog and let people know their reasoning, it may help everyone.
We have stated repeatedly that there is no way that Penny Thoughts knows to find out who posted one specific comment. It has never even occurred to us to do so. There have been tens of thousands of hits and more than 1200 comments and/or emails to this site. If there is a way of finding this out, we certainly do not know it. Perhaps the person running for the office who feels that her professional credibility was questioned could make a plea for the person who wrote what she is upset about to contact her personally. This candidate would like to identify specifically who said a particular thing. As there is no way I know to do this without hiring a cyber investigaor and spending about $100,000 to try to trace thousands of people through cyberspace, I am not sure what this will accomplish but to spend a lot of money.
One of the problems with this free service is its simplicity. As I have stated before, I selected blogspot because it is free and easy for the public to use. Being no-frills, it is also very generic. It is also easy for a non-technical person like myself to use.

Kendrick McPeters, whom I have never met and would not even know if I ran smack into him, has offered to start another blog for the county. This is an admirable gesture.

I am making a final plea for the person who is offended to confront the offender on this blog or to defend herself.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blog to be Discontinued

Until further notice. Perhaps someone else will be able to create a community forum that can provide a place for discussion and opinion without people being so negative.A candidate in the August election is disturbed about a posting about her and is acting upon this dissatisfaction. Penny Thoughts would like to say that we have NO WAY of knowing who posts what. If there is a way, it is not known to us. We have not been concerned about who was talking...just that people were given a chance to talk.
This site has, since the first week of February, had more than 42,300 hits from 12,000 separate visitors. If nothing else, we have proven it can be done. Now maybe someone can do it and please everyone. Maybe it will be more sophisticated technologically.
I wish the next blog master luck. This endeavor had pure motives.
Thanks for your participation.
Take one last look. It closes at 5 p.m. Monday. All comments received thusfar have been moderated.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Email topic: Tornado warnings

I would like to suggest a topic on why Pulaski/Giles County doesn't have tornado sirens. Alot of people who might not have a TV/radio, etc, would greatly benefit from this, as well as all others. I think this would be a lifesaver and very valuable.

How do you feel about banning smoking in public places here?

Do you think the county needs to spend 1.4 million on a new schoo board office?

Why would commissioners vote down a financial management plan?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Email topic: County budget requests for fuel

I am just wondering what everyone thinks about the additional $ that everyone in county government is requesting for Gasoline? I know there are a LOT of county vehicles that are allowed to be driven to employees homes each day and night, but the county pays for that personal gasoline usage. It's like county employees who have county vehicles don't need a personal vehicle because the county provides one for them, complete with gasoline.

Email topic: County budget requests for fuel

I am just wondering what everyone thinks about the additional $ that everyone in county government is requesting for Gasoline? I know there are a LOT of county vehicles that are allowed to be driven to employees homes each day and night, but the county pays for that personal gasoline usage. It's like county employees who have county vehicles don't need a personal vehicle because the county provides one for them, complete with gasoline.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Email topic: the paper

Is the local paper - Free Press & Citizen - is it a joke? Or does it print truly newsworthy material? Please state your position and why you feel that way.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How can the assessor be made to complete the assessment?

Should the county be allowed to fall into non-compliance and face sacntions from the state?
Should an ouster suit be filed against him?
Should the taxpayers hire several more people for his office and buy him all the equipment and vehicles he wants?

Is there any other alternative and what is it?

Per reader request we have opened all posts thusfar.

It would be easier if people could click on the archived dates and look for the post they want but we are having trouble with people understanding that, so opening all the posts and comments on the first page is the only solution...making it a huge page.

Remember there are all the original posts & comments archived to the right!

People continue to comment that this site is not a real blog but a forum. I agree, again. However, it still seems to me that instead of hearing what one or two people think (and yes I did read and explore many of the political blogs before putting this one up), a moderator introducing a topic and providing a place for anyone to comment is better for a small town. If I become independently wealthy, I assure you I will invest in a real web forum for this community. I will also give my opinion generously. But for now we will have to do our best with this. We are continuing to get hits on these old posts all the time, so keep checking on any of the topics of interest to you. I have a very elaborate stat counter on this site. Although it will not give individual user information, it keeps track of all visits (except mine). We have had 37,000+ visit by more than 10,000 separate visitors. Obviously not everyone has commented, but people are definately logging in.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Email Comment: African Americans

I know that the African-Americans fought really hard for their rights and freedom. Have they dropped down to the bottom of the totem pole with the caucasians and let the foreigners take over. It seems to be that away.

Email topic: Illegal Aliens

Do the aliens who come to this country receive Tenn-Care and other special services? Are they keeping needy American's from benefiting from the same thing they receive without begin citizens?

Email topic: So many people are quick to critize Mayor Dan Speer, but know one will challenge him.

Does anyone know why?

Email.topic: The Giles Free Press had a comment from Representative Joe Fowlkes about our population dropping by 1/2 %. Where is everyone going?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

OK. Let's try this another way.

How about for three days, anything can be done for three days, right? for three days, please list a candidate you feel strongly abuot voting FOR and tell the reasons why. This does not mean to lett the reasons whyNOT for the ones you agre against. I mean, let us all know what you know to be factual positive points to consider when going to the polls. I am begging someone to start the ball rolling on this. Who's game for telling the rest of us a good reason to vote for your candidate?

Please comment of the concept of a state income tax.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Email topic: School Buses

A blogger stated that recently a letter to our local paper mentioned two individuals acting inappropriately on a bus which was witnessed by several students. Does anyone know anything about this--the facts please.

Should the blog be shut down?

It is time for honest feedback. Is this blog accomplishing its intended purpose: to open a dialogue among people who care about this community? If this is NOT working, please let me know via your post here or to the email address. Thanks

EMAIL: Could you please add a topic referring to disciplinary actions in our schools. (GCHS) There are quite a few issuses that need to be discussed.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Email topic request: Electric System Mailout

How did you feel about getting the expensive mail-out from the Pulaski Electric System last week when all our electric bills were higher and will get even worse? How much money do they have anyway? Why could they not have jst lowered our bills by the amount of that flyer?

GCHS School Resource Officer

The City of Pulaski is considering eliminating the SRO from Giles County High School after Kyle Helton assumes duties as sheriff. What do you think?

This comment was received this morning from a blog reader.

Why is it that some threads on this blog have completely disappeared? I can understand deleted comments, but entire threads? Could it be the content of the threads was not what the almighty Penny Thoughts wanted on the blog? I know there is no censorship on this wonderful public service. Say it aint so Penny.
Here is my response:
As far as I know there are no deleted links to topics or comments that were posted that had any response. If a topic stayed up for two weeks and no one commented, it was removed. If it was a posting in which I was just explaining something technical, I removed it. With these execptions, every other topic is to the right side of this screen archived by the week in which it was originally posted (no matter when comments were added, and they are still there).
Let me add that any "censorship" has been when the blogger violated the rules. This is an opportunity for every person in this county to comment. You can see by the number of page loads how many people have looked at it. I am amazed that candidates are not taking advantage of this site for getting their platforms out to the public.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Reader Request: How can I view the new county audit?

Copy this link and place it in the address bar of your internet browser. Press enter.

choose the "audits and reports" button on the top left of screen.
Follow the prompts from there.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Chamber is important to the community: why or why not?

Our economic development program is working: yes or no?

Pulaski is a progressive community: agree or disagree?

School directors should be elected: pro or con

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What meetings should the public be planning to attend?

Is there anything interesting to do here?

Where are the candidates? We want your comments/platforms, etc...signed.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To Commission Candidates Who Have Served on the Commission at ANY TIME before

Please identify yourself and disclose if you have ever voted for a tax increase and explain why. Penny Thoughts has had several requests that this topic be posted, even suggestions that our staff research and post the voting record of each candidate. Since this would only apply to those that have held a commission seat and Penny Thoughts or staff has means to research this topic without possibly revealing our identities, we are asking that commissioners and former commissioners running for seats this year just step up and discuss this.

TO Candidates for County Commission

Please post your plan for funding the county's budget. Where do you propose to obtain additional necessary revenue. How can you fund the county without more taxes and/or new taxes?

Education Committee/Budget Committee

The Giles Commission Education Committee meets at 6 p.m. Thursday at the courthouse. The Budget committee will resume a meeting it began at 9:30 Monday. The public is invited.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Blogger Submitted these Scans:Education

Asked that they be posted for public consideration. Penny Thoughts does not have a copy of originals, only emailed scans. Hopefully this can be read. Asking that the sender please post an explanation in comments as to why he/she thought these scans are important to readers of this blog.
Click on the image for a larger version.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reader request topic: Firing of Richland Coach & Teacher

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Email topic: Education and money

Teachers are always wanting more money. Jackson is always wanting more money (but just for special interest buildings and his own pet projeects). YET --- the school's production of better students, higher test scores, etc., is gravely lacking and barely moving upward if at all. How can more money be justified? Why aren't teachers evaluated and compensated by performance? Also, whatever happened to the "grant writer" the school system hired?

How do you feel it is going with industrial recruitment/job creation/job retention?

Suggest ways to help this situation.

What is the number one message your have for commissioners/candidates?

What is the number one message you have for school board members/candidates?

Should the Agri-park be developed as a joint city/county recreational facility?

Do we have a problem in Giles County with illegal aliens being employed?

How do you fee about this growing national issue?

Financial Management Act of 1981

Those of you citizens who attended Monday's information meeting hosted by commissioner Chris Morris, please comment on how it sounded to you.
If you are a commissioner who attended, what do you think?
If you are an elected official, we want your opinion.
If you are running for office, let us know how you feel.

Hunter-Smith Building

Why doesn't the county have the guts to just finish and move into the building?

Email topic: Home Depot parking lot

What ever happened with the mineral severence tax issue related to the Home Depot parking lot?

Email topic: Ambulance Service writeoffs

When is the Ambulance Service going to be called to task by Commissioners for its HUGE write-offs every quarter ? Why isn't there someone working there who knows how to confront insurance companies so the service gets paid for hauling patients? WHY do so many patients who don't need an ambulance as a taxi get hauled to hospital in one instead of using a cheaper (van ? ) service?

Email topic: Prisoners arrested by municipalities

Each city in the county sends its prisoners to the county's jail for processing (WHO pays for that ?? ....NOT the cities !! )

Email topic: Pulaski Electric vs. Little League

What do people think about the County having to pay $4,000 for a new light-pole at the baseball fields because Pulaski Electric wouldn't provide one as a community service ...but they expect public support for their $7million fiber-optic bond-fund .

commission District 7

Current commissioner seeking reelection:



Paul Walker is not seeking reelection.

Commission District 6

Current Commissioner seeing reelection: Butch White



Stanley Newton and Jeff Hatfield arre not seeing reelection.

commission District 5

Current Commissioners seeing reelection:



commission District 4

Current commissioners running for reelection: EDWIN LOVELL and ROGER D. REEDY



Ron Shirey is not seeking reelection.

Commission District 3

Current Commissioners seeking reelection: BILLY BEETS and TIM RISNER



Chris Morris is not seeking reelection.

Commission District 2

Current Commissioners Running: STONEY JACKSON


Charles Greene and Barry McMasters are not seeking reelection.

Commission District 1

Current commissioners who are running for reelection:



GARLAND GUY MOORE is not seeking election.




























All uncontested, all candidates from out-of-town






Primary: Democratic candidates





Register of Deeds Race

Sandy Ralston vs. Kay Gibbons

Giles County Executive Race

Glenn "Speedy" Gordon vs. Janet Vanzant

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Reader request: Qualifications for County Executive

See ths first comment under this topic as reprinted from the County Technical Advisory Services Handbook, which is prepared by attorneys to assist counties in interpreting the Tennessee Code on many issues.

To download the CTAS county handbook and other reference material for yourself:

To view the Tennessee Code for free:

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

what do you think about the city/county sports park concept using agri-park?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Would you vote for the Financial Management Plan of 1981 if it is placed on the August ballot?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Alternative school: email request

It has been requested that anyone who would like to comment on the alternative school send an email to

Monday, March 20, 2006

Would people running for office like a place to post their qualifications?

Penny Thoughts and staff would be pleased to provide a venue for candidates for each office to post their ideas or address questions that would help voters determine who is the best candidate for office. There will be some rules so that this is useful and not a mud-slinging pit. We want to know 1. if the readers would like it and would promote it and 2. if the candidates would participate. We will give each candidate who responds an individual topic heading under which they may post their platform, receive comments and comment publically back to the public. We will begin this April 7, so if you are interested, email your name and introduction to

Law Enforcement: request from email

An email to the wrote:
So many of the people on the blog are down on the Pulaski Police Dept.
Can we see if there are any of the citizens who think that the officers do a
good job or have a story where they have helped them in some situation?
Every dept has some officers that are better than others. I dont want the
citizens to think that they are all bad becouse of a few mistakes.

School Buses: comment from mailbag

The comment posted below is from the yahoo mailbag. The sender said he/she could not make the comment window work. The sender has ask that this comment be posted to reveal how the school bus bidding situation transpired. (thanks to sender for being persistant).

Topics needed for blog!

send them to

What is the buzz about the county's contested races for August election?

McGill has completed less than 700 of the 2800 appraisals needed to prevent the state from taking over the program.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Financial responsibility for county/school officials

This came to the blog's email address this morning with a request to post. I am posting it as a comment from the sender.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wow. This weekend was incredible.

I am thrilled at the number of people who are visiting and finally commenting on this blog. I have never bought one ad for this or prpomoted it in any way, yet around 17,000 uploads have been registered with google. If you belive in this, please forward a link. buy a classified ad like someone is doing now. let's make this work for the election!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Is there still a concern about the adult oriented establishments operating in Giles?

What do you think about the electric system tearing down a piece of private property?

Please suggest alternatives to property tax for funding the county.

Those who are particularly against taxes, please explain how you would fund the county's departments and services. Be detailed. It is hard to understand where the money for these things would come from if not from some sort of tax.

Would the county be more efficient with just one high school?

Does GILES need a new high school in the south part of the county?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What should be done to Steve McGill if he refuses to complete his duties as tax assessor?

Giles Educators are responding in droves. This is your chance to let the public know what you need, are thinking, want from taxpayers & from board!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Who knows about the drug busts at Bridgeforth and GCHS? It's impossible to find out anything that the schools are doing!

Comment about the big drug-dealer roundup last week.

From the Mailbag: School Board/Schools

This was received Monday morning. Could this be true? We're so non-technical here are GTCW we're not even sure this can be done. Here's the message:

Did you know that Mr. T has had Andy Chunn block the blogspot so teachers and principals cannot pull up or comment on anything from the schools? But the blogspot is definitely a topic of conversation in the schools. All the teachers and principals are pulling the spot up when they get home. Go teachers and principals.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Suggested topic: Night meetings for Governing bodies

The City of Pulaski board of Mayor and Aldermen and the Giles County Commission meetings are currently held in the daytime. This prevents the majority of working people (professionals, teachers, industrial, retail, healthcare workers, those who work out of town, etc...) from being able to attend government meetings. Do you think this is on purpose? Would you attend the meetings if they were held at night"?

Suggested topic: School Priorities

The students in our county need so many things to help them get a quality education. Our teachers need ample books and teaching materials and adequate pay(certainly comparable pay for our area) to be motivated to teach and stay in Giles County. Everyone seems to agree on these statements but yet a huge portion of the school budget goes for administrative salaries and now the priority of our Director of Schools seems to be in building himself (and a bunch of new folks on the hill) a new multi-million dollar office. The money does not seem to be trickling down to the teachers, the classrooms, or the students where it is MOST needed. Why?

Suggested Topic: City v. County

Does it hurt our residents and our county or hold us/the county back in any way because some people continue to perpetuate the City versus County position?

Suggested topic: Downtown Pulaski Parking

Would our downtown business traffic and sales increase if the courthouse employees and merchants parked OFF the square so customers and those needing to conduct business at the courthouse could actually park downtown?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Election forum

Should this blog offer each candidate a chance to tell their story, have people ask questions and for them to provide answers as the election progresses. It would be easy to do technically. Is this something bloggers would like to see? Is it something that candidates would be willing to do? It could be your chance for an ongoing dialogue with the people you will be paying for the next four years (at least). Let us know---that means bloggers and candidates!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Request for Help with Sunshine Law, 2006 Act

A reader has requested via email that any reader of this blog who would like to see the open government laws, including access to meetings and open records, become stronger so that elected officials would not have as much power in denlying the public their rights, to write letters of support for the legal changes that will soon come before the legislature and to copy the letters to the newspapers.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We have not heard the list of candidates for county offices yet

Is anyone keeping up with this? Where the heck is the media?

Does anyone know how much commissioners are paid for serving?

Someone said they had voted themselves a raise. I did not know that they get paid. When was the raise voted and what is their pay, how often, what for, etc.

Technical questions about this blog received through comments or email

1. The reason some people have pictures or profiles that appear beside their comments is that they are already registered as full blogspot members and/or have other blogs on the web.
2. The number of pageuploads in the counter at the bottom of the screen is slightly less that the actual total. When we went to the new easier to read format, we lost the stat counter for several hours. These are the number of times the blog is uploaded to someone's computer. It is not the number of posts or comments added.
3. Our staff has no way of knowing who anyone is unless they identify themselves. This blog is so simple that it does not register IP addresses. The only thing we know are the total number of times the page is accessed, the total number of individual people from separate addresses who have looked and how many people who looked have looked more than one time. It in no way indicates who or where you are. It is a free site, therefore very low-tech.
4. To make a comment, just click on the word comment. To email someone else a topic or comment, click on the envelope icon.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Please comment on the status of the news media in Giles County.

What needs to be changed, improved, etc.?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

From the reader email: Where are we?

Where are you ? When do you actually enter Giles Co?? How can you tell ?? LOOK where the signs are coming off the I-65 freeway ......from Exit 22 you travel six miles in the county before getting to the 'Welcome to Giles Co ' sign . Where are the signs to travellers that say "Welcome to Giles Co. Come see the prettiest courthouse in Tennessee " they can stay a while and maybe spend some tourist $$ .Is local tourist Board not doing the job ?

Email subject suggested

County employees getting a free ride ?? In these days of increased expectations and higher costs for health care WHY do Giles County employees NOT contribute to their health insurance like 99% of other Americans now do ?? County govt -including school employees - are the largest employer in Giles Co by far ...WHY do they need a free ride on our backs . Isnt it time for a change ?? We contribute , they ride free ?? .

Another topic from the email request line

Property Taxes .....When was the last time you saw a tax office employee actually out in the field assessing property in Giles Co instead of looking it up on a map for re-assessment ? There's lots of headcount in that office. What do they do all day?

From the email topic request hotline

Here is a question suggested by a reader of the GTCW blog.
Why is Giles Co so messy ? Can't residents take their garbage home instead of dumping it at roadside ?? GC = Giles County or GC = Garbage Can ?? The county is being desecrated by it's own residents. Why are there NO recycle places out in the County ?? WHAT does the solid-waste manager do if NOT manage solid waste ? Lincoln County Finance manager handled that job as a sideline WHY does Giles Co need fulltime employee with fulltime salary and benefits? Private contractors run the actual worksites here .

Nominate candidates for District Attorney General and Public Defender, both positions being held presently by people from other counties.

Including or omitting existing officeholders, nominate your ultimate slate of candidates for county positions to be elected this year.

Register, Trustee, Circuit Clerk, County Clerk, County Executive, Sheriff, General Sessions/Juvenile Judge. If your slate would include the existing officeholder, place him or her in the list.

Who can win the commission election in each district. Suggest a slate that would make the county run best. Try to do this without being negative.

Why did the school board extend Jackson's contract despite the fact so many new school board members will be elected this fall?

How could emergency services in the county be improved?

Should cities & county government budget appropriations for charities?

List ways Pulaski city services could improve.

How can the county recover from the Hunter-Smith building losses?

This is not a prompt to start slinging blame about what went wrong. Does anyone have any solutions for dealing with this now that it's done?

What could be done to relieve the overcrowding at the courthouse?

School Bus Garage - what's up with that?

Giles County Jail - problems? ideas how to correct them?

Friday, February 10, 2006

How have closed meetings, poor announcements about meetings, etc., hurt the public?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Please suggest ways to generate revenue for the cities and county without raising taxes.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Discuss priorities for Giles County's '07 budget as you see it.

Is there a domestic violence problem in Giles County?

What can be done about it?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Do you feel that the cities, county and school board are in compliance with sunshine and open records laws?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Who is Penny Thoughts?

There is much speculation as to who Penny Thoughts could be. I have no intention of revealing myself because this is not a blog about me. It is the long awaited chance for people of every interest, belief, political conviction and opinion to speak out about Giles County. That is why you are not getting anything of my opinions as you would on a typical blog. You are being introduced to topics (which I am adding as people email and suggest them). Just for the record, and I am disclosing these facts to blog users as though I were under oath: I am a native Giles Countian. I am not an elected official and never have been and have no aspirations of being. I do not belong to any political or citizens action group. I am receiving no compensation for this blog. Any expenditure related to it of time, expertise or financial resources is donated as a community service by my staff. I have sole discretion as to what is posted. Thusfar, all submissions have passed the test. I have detected no legal issues like libel or slander. People have stuck to offering opinions. I am hoping for more and from a diverse group. If there has been a problem posting,I have not detected it through my system tests. I encourage registration as a member, even if you do it under a pen name. This is easy and can be accomplished by following the prompts under the word "register" at the top of the blog. However, anonymous comments are acceptable too. Please keep sending this along to others. We want to be the forum for all and different types of opinions. And keep making suggestions to me through private emails if you wish. Thanks for your participation. I love this place. Open dialogue can help.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Lobbying the state legislature on behalf of goverment.

Is this good? Can it be true? As of today there are almost 100 people registered to lobby the General Assembly on behalf of city and county government.

What is all this about a bill for open records, public access and open government meetings?

I do not understand why this has to be something fought for all the time. I thought the laws are there.

What criteria should determine the naming of bridges, roads, ballfields and buildings here

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Giles County School Board

Check here for agendas, announcements and issues.

Courthouse Hours

A constant problem for the working class taxpayer is whether the courthouse is open. Current hours are 8-4. One hour is lunch, which means each employee is paid 40 hours for a 35 hour week. How does that serve the public and the taxpayers who fund the government?

Will the August elections change anything for better or worse?

Do you feel protected and safe with city and/or county law enforcement protection?

What of the industry closings here & elsewhere as related to local economy?

Land use management?

The Gooch vs. Pulaski verdict is in. Was the judge right?

Are land tax appraisals fair? How can this be better?

How has the increased energy price directly impacted you and your family?

How do you feel about the electric system selling cable, internet and electricity?

Is the new highway department doing a good job?

How bad is violence in our schools and on the buses?

Circuit judges are elected for 8 years

All four are from Maury County. In eight years they are paid in salary and benefits somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars. They are all up for reelection this year. The radio said they might add a new position. Maurt county has more registered voters than the other counties in the judicial district has voters all put together. Any chance of Giles ever getting a circuit judge. And who would this person (lawyer) possibly be that could beat the big powerful lawyers from Maury County?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Comment on the recreation situation locally.

How have Rep. Fowlkes & Sen. Jackson served us in the general assembly?

Is religion dead, alive or sick in Giles County?, county, elected officials...whaddayathink?

What kind of education is your child getting here?

What are your top 5 goals for Giles County?

What are your top 5 goals for the city where you live?

County School Bus Garage & Services

County Financial Management Plan

Radio news

The local newspapers

Courthouse Officials' Races

Offices up for election this year are the county clerk, circuit clerk, trustee and register.

County Executive Race, Aug. 3, 2006

Sheriff's Race

Giles County School Board

Pulaski City Government

Giles County Economic Development

Giles County Government

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